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Every moment counts: big and small, messy or planned. Surprising, emotional – even dangerous. Life is an accumulation of all kinds of individual moments. Like the moment when disappointment is put into perspective. The moment we do something for the last time. The moment we allow ourselves to pause and just be.

We’re living in a world that’s changing faster than ever, and not all moments are ones we’d want to re-experience. But they’re our moments – and that’s what makes each one invaluable.

There seems to be an inherent human desire to push the boundaries of life. In the space of only 125 years, the average life expectancy has more than doubled. This was only possible through the deliberate nurturing of scientific curiosity and innovation.

But a longer life isn’t necessarily a better one. Alongside scientific progress comes a responsibility to ensure that the future is one worth living in.

Born 1896
Global life expectancy of 32 years1

Born in 2021
Global life expectancy of 82 years2

Living on the edge

As a family-owned healthcare company in its fifth generation, Roche’s long-term mission has always been to leave the world better off than before.

After 125 years, Roche now employs over 100,000 people across more than 100 countries.

A better future

With an annual spend on research and development higher than any other healthcare company, our focus remains delivering medical advances that change the lives of the people we serve. All while aiming to decrease the healthcare burden on society by half.

What the numbers tell us

In 2020, 23.4 billion diagnostic tests provided answers to millions of people around the world 3

28.9 million people were treated with our medicines in 20203

The 12.2 billion spent on R&D in 2020 is the most of any healthcare company. That’s 1.4 million CHF being invested in a better future every single hour3

But it’s not about the numbers.

It’s an investment in moments.

More days, months, years of life. More moments to cherish. More hopes and dreams to inspire the future. More reasons to celebrate. Because life, at its core, is about celebration – whether creating new memories or savouring moments of our past.

This has been the driving force behind our work for 125 years, and this is what will spark the moments of eureka that will propel science forward for the next 125.

Making more moments

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