Five generations of being family-led has created a company passionate about finding solutions in science and committed to a better tomorrow.

And while we’ve inherited this culture, it’s also something we make a point of choosing every single day.

125 years of successes and failures has given us time and perspective to realise what really matters. We’ve learned that good business means having a positive and lasting impact on society, and discovered how a corporate culture can bring out the best in people. This means we choose every day to hold ourselves accountable for who we want to be. We vow anew to be curious, empathetic and brave. Most importantly, at every moment, we make the conscious decision to celebrate life.

Getting where you want to go

At Roche, culture is as much our legacy as it is our promise.

Every day we celebrate life by constantly reinventing ourselves as we learn more about what patients and caregivers need. We do so by fostering diversity in our workforce, making sure all life on this planet is protected and giving art, music and architecture the freedom to flourish even when it makes us face challenging and scary ideas.

We celebrate life with solutions that aren’t just quick fixes, but improve access and quality of healthcare for the long haul. We celebrate life by finding new ways of working and partnering across industries and nations to make lasting, systemic change that improves the lives of millions.

It starts with where you’ve been

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