Join us on LifeTalks, the platform for inspiring conversations, where open-mindedness, eclectic opinions and diverse thinking are brought together to serve society’s needs. We shed light on burning questions, envision new perspectives, and, together, spark yield powerful ideas that allow us to innovate tomorrow’s life-changing solutions.

We do so by inviting a wide-ranging panel of speakers to animate LifeTalks worldwide. We are committed to making all voices heard and ensuring all life on this planet is protected because our world is worth being listened to.

We foster diverse thinking worldwide

LifeTalks is more than a vision, it is a real engagement. With over 30 LifeTalks taking place in more than 15 countries, we aim at moving the world, fostering diverse thinking, and encouraging honest conversations to achieve one common goal: leaving the world better off for tomorrow. Globally.

Explore our previous editions and get inspired on how we can spark positive changes today to build a better tomorrow.

Curious about LifeTalks?

Why LifeTalks?

We celebrate Life

For more than 125 years, Roche has been developing breakthrough medicines and innovative diagnostic solutions to help patients live better lives. And proud of what we achieved so far, we gathered to celebrate what has always been at the heart of all we do – Life.

Perpetual commitment

Our journey towards a better future doesn’t stop today. Strengthened by our achievements, we are more confident than ever in tackling the impressive challenges of the future. We learned that alongside continuous innovation, committed people and personalised healthcare, diverse thinking is the enabler to all possibilities.

Open-mindedness and diverse thinking

We are convinced that diverse thinking and joint efforts are the key to a better world. We therefore decided to redefine the norms and take an active role in addressing controversial topics and reuniting divergent opinions to design pioneering solutions that could efficiently face society’s challenges.

For a better tomorrow

Today more than ever, it is time to leverage a culture of openness and exchange to break the silence and embrace the discomfort of addressing challenging topics – because these same topics are at the very core of today’s ability to find life-changing solutions for tomorrow.